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Marrakech 2002



A NATO Advanced Study Institute

Delay differential equations and applications

Objectives :

The school lasted two weeks. The first week started with a historical perspective given by Professor J.K.Hale about the motivations and the developments of functional differential equations. It then turned to general theory, with some emphasis on existence results, and first of all on the very notion of a delay or functional differential equation. Linear delay differential equations in finite as well as in infinite dimensions were presented as well as fundamental results about spectral properties of such equations. The theory of semilinear d.d.e. was also be briefly recapitulated as a preparatory step for a detailed treatment of the Hopf bifurcation theorem, which was presented both in finite and infinite dimensions. During the second week, the emphasis was put on applications, with special attention to the geometry of delay equations. Some attention was also given to control in delay systems, on delay in population dynamics, and on the effect of (random) "noise" on the dynamical properties of delay equations (click on Scientific Program to see more details).
The format of the courses is as follows: each course is divided into units of 50' each, with a 10' break between any two consecutive units and a coffee break of 20' twice a day. As a rule, a given course is given within a period of a day or two, with units packed together.
It is expected that course material (drafts of lecture notes) will be available during the school and possibly some time before the school via the web page, with reserved access (to duly registered participants).
Communications by participants are warmly encouraged, in two possible formats: 10' for informal communications about ongoing work (can be for example the current state of work in the preparation of a PhD thesis), or 20' regular communications.

Working language :


Date and location :

September 9-21 2002, Marrakech (Morocco).

Intended public :

This school is intended for researchers (in particular, to junior researchers of the mediterranean area) working in the field of delay differential equations and their applications, and to researchers in the mathematical field willing to gain some experience in this branch of mathematics

Fee, accommodation, etc. :

The school is receiving funding from CIMPA. This funding is primarily dedicated to participants coming from developing countries. The school is also a NATO Advanced Study Institute. Applications are welcome and encouraged from everywhere with no restriction. A request for support form is included in the registration form, accessible from the menu. Marrakech is a large city, with an incredible variety of hotels and resorts, most of them easily affordable. It is anticipated and will be soon confirmed that the school will be held in a same place.

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