Marrakech 2002

Autumn School on Delay Differential Equations: Theory and Applications

Marrakech, September 9-21, 2002

Communications by participants

This page links to abstracts of contributed talks by participants. Abstracts will be added as the participants send them (or communicate them during the school) to the webmaster. Material for the courses is available from another page.

Here is a tentative program of the communications.

Thursday September 12, 2002
18h05 – 18h25 R. Ouifki. Hopf bifurcation via the Poincaré procedure for a two delays differential equation.
18h25 – 18h45 R. Quesmi (U. Marrakech). A Maple program for the computation of the coefficients of a center manifold.
Friday September 13, 2002
15h45 – 16h05 J. Batzel (U. Graz). Modeling the respiratory control system: delay dependent stability analysis and applications.
16h05 – 16h25 F. Crauste (U. Pau). Biological models of cellular replication: Dependence on the initial condition.
17h45 – 18h05 S. Djebali. Traveling wave solutions to a reaction-diffusion system from combustion theory.
18h05 – 18h25 S. Panigrahi (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India). On Liapunov-type inequality for third-order differential equations.
18h25 – 18h50 M. Bachar (U. Graz). Integrated semigroup associated to a linear delay differential equation with impulses.
Thursday September 19, 2002
17h00 – 17h20 M. Moussi. Non-autonomous retarded differential equations: variation of constants formulas and asymptotic behaviour.
17h20 – 17h40 D. Fofana. Chaotic dynamical systems. Statistical approach.
17h40 – 18h00 B. Hoff (Oxford University). TBA.
18h00 – 18h20 A. Razani (Imam Khomeini International University, Iran). Heteroclinic orbits for Majda's combustion model.
18h20 – 18h40 H. Bouzahir (ENSA Agadir). General results about FDEs with infinite delay

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