Marrakech 2002

Linear delay differential equations in finite dimensions

E.L. Ait Dads

University of Marrakech

This course will introduce the general theory of linear delay differential equations in finite dimensions. The presentation will follow the one that can be found in J.K.Hale's books. A tentative content is as follows.
  1. Generalities : the state space, the Riesz representation of delay functionals, the Cauchy problem.
  2. Existence and uniqueness by a direct approach ; properties of the solution operator .
  3. Linear theory in the autonomous case : the fundamental matrix and the solution operator ; the variation of constants formula ; the formal duality and the adjoint equation.
  4. Linear theory in the nonautonomous case.


  1. J. K. Hale, Theory of functional differential equations, Springer-Verlag, New York-Heidelberg-Berlin, 1977.

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