Marrakech 2002

Scientific program, Marrakech 2002

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First week

Theory of linear delay differential equations in finite dimensional space E. Ait Dads
Time delays in epidemic models: modeling and numerical aspects J. Arino
Glucose-Insulin regulation in man: a delayed feedback system A. De Gaetano
Normal forms and bifurcation for delay differential equations M.T. Faria
Functional differential equations: a global view J. Hale
Introduction to the Hopf bifurcation in delay differential equations: the classical method, the methods of normal form expansion, of finding a center manifold, and of computation of Lyapunov exponents M.L. Hbid
Spectral theory of delay differential equations F. Kappel
Lattice differential equations and functional differential equations of mixed type J. Mallet-Paret
One-to-oneness, persistence and hyperbolicity of RFDE: Anosov-like and Morse-Smale systems W. Oliva

Second week

General results on dynamical systems defined by nonlinear delay differential equations in infinite dimensional space M. Adimy and K. Ezzinbi
The theory of linear delay differential equations in infinite dimensional space O. Arino
Geometric Stability Switches for Delay Equations with Delay-Dependent Parameters E. Beretta
Control of systems defined by delay differential equations L. Chraïbi
Linear nonautonomous delay differential equations by means of extrapolation theory L. Maniar
Stochastic delay differential equations: applications and simulations K. Pakdaman
Stability and Bifurcations in Delayed Predator-Prey Systems S. Ruan
Geometry of delay differential equations. Periodic solutions, Floquet multipliers and global attractor for delay and state-dependent delay differential equations H.O. Walther

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